Safe System

The Traffic Safety Research (TSR) journal has the objective to 'contribute to the global shift towards the Safe System paradigm within the road transportation domain' (see Focus and Scope).

Safe System (also known as Vision Zero) has been ground-breaking in its strong ethical standpoint about zero tolerance to the fatalities and serious injuries in traffic. Its practical implication is that there is no 'optimal balance' between transport efficiency and traffic casualties to be found and that the road system must be designed in a way that makes serious injuries/fatalities virtually impossible.

Safe System is nowadays acknowledged as the state-of-the-art within road traffic safety. However, on the practical implementation level (and, unfortunately, quite often within the research community) there are many erroneous interpretations and internal conflicts between the traditional way of doing things and the operational methods prescribed by the Safe System.

The question of how relevant a considered manuscript is within the Safe System discourse will re-appear during its submission, reviewing and, finally, in the decision by the editor about its acceptance or rejection. Therefore, regardless of your role (author, reviewer, editor), make sure that you are comfortable in your knowledge of the Safe System principles.

The recommended reading to get familiar with the topic includes: